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PS+ getting DC Universe beta

by: Jeremy -
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Members of Sony’s PlayStation Plus program in the United States are getting a special treat this month: access to the online beta of the upcoming MMORPG DC Universe Online. While the exact dates of the beta have yet to be announced, the word was released on the Official PlayStation Blog that the beta test would be available to all PS+ users through the PS+ section of the PlayStation Store.

If you don’t happen to get into the beta via normal means (selection by SOE), than this is a sure fire way to get your hands on the upcoming super hero adventure. There are plenty of other questions regarding the beta to be answered, but Sony is keeping quiet right now. Will our beta characters carry over to the final game? How many characters can we have in the beta? All of these are questions that I know are on more minds than just my own...

Hopefully Sony will release some more information and details soon.... but at least some people know that their access to the beta program is secured... 

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