Did you crack the Black Ops code?

by: Jeremy -
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No, I don’t mean the numbers thrown at you in the flashy sequences throughout the game... I mean the hidden message that Treyarch apparently hid throughout the game. You didn’t know that there was a hidden message in Call of Duty- Black Ops?!?!? Don’t worry, neither did I...

There is though, and one keen eyed gamer who goes by the name of Maverick Ten saw it and cracked it. Take a few minutes and listen to his explanation in the video below to found out something that you already knew I you have beaten the game. I have to be honest, I had my suspicions regarding Reznov throughout the game, and it turns out that Treyarch spelled it out for us all along the way...

Sure, its a long and convoluted explanation for a part of the story that is spelled out for you in the end but it is nice to see this sort of detail put into a game... kudos Treyarch... and kudos Maverick Ten.