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PETA and Super Meat Boy having fun with each other

by: Chad -
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Team Meat and PETA are having a friendly tit-for-tat going on regarding Super Meat Boy.  It's ok if you've been following the story on a different site; I'll forgive you.  (In fact, I found it on Joystiq.)  Here's a quick recap:
  1. Super Meat Boy is released; a skinless boy (that looks like a hunk of meat) dies millions of times at the hands of gamers worldwide.
  2. PETA takes notice.  They create and release a parody game called Super Tofu Boy.
  3. Team Meat respond by updating Super Meat Boy (at least through Steam).  They add the below-pictured "Tofu Boy" to the game.  The kicker is that you type in "Petaphile" at the character select screen to unlock the character, but the character is "sickly so he's weak and can't run or jump well."
What an excellent example of good PR for both sides.  I will now be purchasing Super Meat Boy even if only to encourage more of this lighthearted fun.  

Your move, PETA.

Super Meat Boy Updated!

Yesterday, December 02, 2010, 5:58:00 PM | Valve
  • Added Tofu Boy, type in "Petaphile" at the character select screen. (He's sickly so he's weak and can't run or jump well.)
  • Fixed bugs with Naija, Mr. Minecraft, and VVVVVV
  • Fixed a crash on exit
  • Attempted to address more crash on run errors
  • Fixed Leaderboard ranking errors
  • Fixed a problem with non-Xbox 360 controllers holding down directional buttons.
Also - Users experiencing unusually long load times, switch the game to windowed mode via the menu or command line and this should fix it.  We're still working to track this one down, but running windowed will fix it for now.