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Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest

by: Ben Berry -
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Bomberman LIVE was a huge hit on XBL, and now it's being followed up by Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest, which takes the elements of the previous games in the series and takes it a step further. New costumes, new powerups, and new game modes take the Bomberman series one step further.
Here comes the BOOM! Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade next week on December 8!

The sequel to the critically acclaimed and highly successful downloadable title Bomberman LIVE, which has sold more than 500,000 copies, Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest will feature the same frantic action with 8-person online multiplayer that the series is known for, as well as a wealth of all-new features that will make blowing things up more fun than ever before. Players will also be able to customize their own Bomberman by choosing from a plethora of new costumes, as they mix and match pieces of Napoleon Bombaparte, Chef Bombardee, Sir Bombalot and more. With five new power-ups like the cluster bomb, rocket bomb and laser bomb, and four new modes like VIP, Bankroll, Capture the Flag and Capture the Crown, Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest is sure to be a fiery addition to gaming libraries everywhere!