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Join Magicka's beta by dressing up in a robe

by: Tina -
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Do you like to participate in betas? Do you like fantasy adventure games dominated by magic and mythology? Magicka, scheduled to release in the first quarter of next year, is inviting gamers to sign up for a closed beta participation.

Signing up requires some photography and a Facebook account. As soon as you have dressed yourself in a Magicka Robe (feel free to get creative here), post the picture on the Magicka fan page wall and hit the “Like’ button on its Facebook page.

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NEW YORK – November 19, 2010 – By proclamation the wizards of Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Games have issued an exclusive invitation to join the limited Closed Beta for Magicka. See for yourself the extraordinary wonders in this quite frankly awesome upcoming fantasy adventure game! Based on Norse mythology and packed with magical spells, Magicka is scheduled for release in Q1, 2011.
Are you ready to join the mythological world of Magicka?

Sign-Up for a Coveted Spot in the Closed Beta Now!

How do you apply for beta access?
1: Snap a photo of yourself in a Magicka Robe (bath robe, smoking robe, house robe, Snuggie- whatever works!)
2: “Like” the Magicka fan page on Facebook - www.facebook.com/magickagame
3: Post the photo on the Facebook page wall. Don’t be shy!

When you have posted a Robe-image at the facebook-page,
you have a chance to get a place in the limited closed beta.
If you are one of the winning wizards selected for a place in the Closed Beta,
you will receive a confirmation within 2-3 weeks.

About Magicka:
You might have thought heroes in fantasy games are all knights and warriors, ey? In fact the best ones are those wise and whacky wizards. That will torch you with a large amount of friendly fire in multiplayer. Bear witness to the many regal aspects of gameplay in Magicka. Save the world from doom as a co-op effort of four or single handedly using a fully dynamic spell system. Prepare to defeat the evil wizard as you wreak havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness. Experience a world of grand fantasy like never before!

For more information:
Join us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MagickaGame
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Magickagame
Join us on the forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com
Read more at the website: www.magickagame.com