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Talk it up in World of Tanks using Vivox

by: Chad -
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You should agree that a team-based action game will benefit from voice chat.  It makes sense, right?  It's easier to coordinate an attack by talking about it instead of typing it out.  Thankfully, and Vivox agree and have teamed up to include voice chat in World of Tanks.

The chat client will be built into the game engine so you won't need a separate voice chat client running.  Additionally, gamers will be able to talk before the match starts while they are forming a team.  This new addition to the free-to-play game can only mean good things for players (as long as there's an option to mute players that are obnoxious).

No word on when this functionality will be available but I imagine "soon" is an accurate estimate.

Vivox voice infiltrates the battlefield in world of tanks MMO

Hash Out Combat Strategy and Bark Orders at Your Troops in First Vehicle-driven Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Natick, MA—November 18, 2010 — Vivox, Inc. (, the number one integrated voice platform for the Social Web, today announced that it will provide high-definition (HD) in-game voice chat for's World of Tanks, the first and only team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare.

World of Tanks, winner of E3’s 2010 “Best New Concept Award” from, allows players to engage in epic tank battles with other steel cowboys all over the world. Players can choose a tank to command from an arsenal of more than 80 armored vehicles from America, Germany and the Soviet Union, all carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

“When creating World of Tanks it was critical for us to include voice communication capabilities. With proven scalability, numerous live integrations, and best in class quality - partnering with Vivox was an easy decision,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “Vivox Voice makes the gaming experience more natural and helps execute our vision of promoting teamwork. Players will be able to collaborate on battle plans and communicate during combat in the quickest, most intuitive way possible - speech - and Vivox delivers it the best.”

Vivox Voice will let World of Tanks players talk to each other both during the game and prior to combat when compiling a team in the lobby. The voice capabilities are built into the game interface seamlessly so players will be able to interact easily and naturally during tank battles all without having to leave the game or use a 3rd party application.

“ is breaking new ground in the gaming world with World of Tanks,” said Rob Seaver, founder and CEO of Vivox. “Not only does the game allow you to participate in massive tank battles while driving historically accurate machines, but you will be able to build and grow your vehicles into an unstoppable force. We are honored to be a part of this exciting new concept and look forward to witnessing the success of World of Tanks.”

World of Tanks is a free-2-play MMO that is currently in closed beta and will be released in Q1 2011 for the PC. More information about World of Tanks can be found at:

About Vivox
Vivox is the number one integrated voice platform for the Social Web. With over 35 million users in 180+ countries exchanging more than 3 billion voice minutes each month, the Vivox Network is a proven and scalable way for social and game publishers to bring their users’ experience to the next level. Through innovation and unique features, Vivox’s partners, who currently include CCP Games, Linden Lab, Nexon, Sony Online Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast and others, are able to quickly excite, engage and monetize users while letting them talk online -- wherever, whenever. For more information, visit:

About is an award-winning strategy game specialist, incorporated in the UK. Its 170-strong development team is located in Minsk, Belarus. Since 1998, the company has shipped 13 titles, including acclaimed Massive Assault series, Order of War RTS published by Square Enix, and three add-ons for Blitzkrieg II.'s Operation Bagration RTS was awarded the Best Strategy Game of 2008 at Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI). At KRI 2009 and 2010 was named The Best Developer Company from ex-USSR. At KRI 2010 World of Tanks won “Best MMO” prize.
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