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Did GOG release the greatest RPG of all time?

by: Chad -
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Unless you live under a log, you would already know about the awesome-sauce slathered on GOG.  The site makes classic games DRM-free and provides them at a reasonable rate.  Gamers have clamored for various hard-to-find or hard-to-run-on-a-modern-computer games like Planescape Torment.  GOG has responded with vigor.

The latest release is Baldur's Gate 2.  Many consider this to be the greatest game of its kind and one of the greatest RPGs ever.  Now, for only $9.99, you can play the original game and expansion pack plus a bunch of bonus content.  It's quickly jumped to the best selling title of the week.  Despite my PC gaming heritage, I haven't had a chance to play this series.  Am I missing out on the greatest RPG experience?