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More characters leaked for Mortal Kombat

by: Jeremy -
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A user on the Midway forums has released a bunch of images from Netherrealm Studios upcoming Mortal Kombat game for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nothing is 100% confirmed, but the images being spread around show three characters that have not been revealed officially. The images depict series classics Sonya, Goro, and Ermac.

Sonya is the only character depicted in the actual game as she appears on an off-screen picture of Mortal Kombat’s character selection screen. The other two images reflect art posted in the hallways of Netherrealm Studios, showing off new designs for both Ermac and Goro. I am really digging the new Goro and Ermac designs, but I want to see them in the game.

Check it out: