Microsoft is 1/5th towards their goal for Kinect sales by the end of the year

by: John -
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Today, Microsoft said it's sold more than 1 million Kinect units so far and that they are on pace for the 5 million they think they will sell before the end of the year. If you remember, they initially set a prediction of over 3 million units and upped their goal when the pre-order sales were better than expected.

The Kinect launched on November 4th and it's going to be on sale in Asia on November 18th. I think they're going to have trouble keeping their momentum in selling up to 5 million by year's end, but they've surprised me before. Christmas sales should be interesting to see. I haven't made a run at any of my local stores to see if they are still in stock, but I'll probably check it out in a few days if there are any on the store shelves.
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