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PlayStation 3 3.42, 3.50, and more jailbroken

by: John -
Usually, when it first happens to a console or phone, there's no stopping it. As with the case of the jailbreaking of the PlayStation 3. A new version has been released that breaks the latest firmwares and the website suggests that future ones will be broken as well. Now, it's just going to be a constant cat and mouse game where Sony fixes and the jailbreakers break it.

I know companies can't just resign to the fact that their console will always be vulnerable now, so expect many more updates to come from Sony to try and temporarily stop this. It's not like Sony can take away the USB connectivity, which is how you apply this jailbreak, since you need the USB connection to sync controllers.

Well, I guess this now means we'll be posting news back and forth on Sony stopping these jailbreaks and then being vulnerable again.