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Stardock holding a "Design a Spell" contest for Elemental: War of Magic

by: Tina -
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Stardock unveiled a contest that began yesterday inviting fans/players/creatives to “Design a Spell” that will be featured in Elemental: War of Magic. In addition to seeing your spell in the game, the grand prize winner will get a new 1GB graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5850) with the runner-up getting a $50 gift card to Impulse. The other runners-up will get the same gift card but valued at $25.

The contest will run until December 13th at midnight EST. After this time, submissions through Impulse will no longer be accepted.
NOVEMBER 11, 2010 – Stardock announced the Elemental: War of Magic “Design a Spell” contest today in which the winning spell will be implemented into Elemental: War of Magic. Additionally the grand prize winner will receive a new ATI Radeon™ HD 5850 1GB graphics card and the first runner-up will receive an Impulse gift card for $50, while remaining runners-up will receive gift cards valued at $25.

Elemental: War of Magic opens a world of magic and ancient lore as players begin the game as one of the few beings in the world still able to channel power from shards of magic – a series of mystical artifacts left over from a great cataclysm. You must decide how much of your power to imbue into your heroes as you build cities, explore dungeons, learn spells of ever-increasing power and negotiate with friends and foes.

To participate and see your spell in action, all you need to do is post your spell idea. Head to http://elementalgame.com/contest, login to Impulse and start designing spells in seconds. Contest entries must be received by December 13 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

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For more information about Elemental: War of Magic, please visit www.stardock.com or www.elementalgame.com.