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Comet Crash expansion gets players hyped with gameplay video

by: Nathan -
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Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm will be available on the 16th of November on PSN for $4.99 and will expanded on last years ground breaking gameplay of the original. Not familiar with Comet Crash? I don't blame you. It's a little known downloadable game. All you need to know is that it a mash up of the traditional defensive gameplay of tower defense games with the offensive strategy of real time strategy. It's definitely a worth a look if you're a fan of tower defense games, especially with all the positive feedback the original has gotten. If you are familiar with the series, just look below for your taste of the latest and greatest of Comet Crash.

New Footage and Screens From Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm Make Impact

It’s almost time for strategy fans to launch into the cosmos once again and face their relentless enemy.
In the upcoming expansion to the hit PSN title Comet Crash, titled Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm, players must return to the stars and continue their fight against a tactically brilliant enemy force. Using everything at their disposal to change the tide of battle, players will unleash all-new swarm units to crush their enemies, all while turning the tower defense genre on its head. Bionic Swarm blasts the award-winning gameplay seen in Comet Crash to a whole new level with new stages, maps and enemy-crushing units. Players will need to devise all-new strategies to overcome behemoth swarm creatures, kamikaze drones and even long-range nukes.
One of the new battlegrounds players will explore is Gaia. A lush and savage landscape, Gaia is also where enemy forces have been conducting experiments on their militant troops. Updated intel reveal they have mastered technology that transmogrifies existing fighters into hideous and powerful swarm creatures.
Blasting past Gaia, players will encounter Kronos. Once a bustling metropolis and primary research station, Kronos has been recently invaded by an alien threat, transforming the once-prosperous research hub into warzone. Players will need to prepare for a battle of epic proportions -- to survive Kronos you must be cunning, stealthy, and strategic.
The original Comet Crash, created by Pelfast’s dynamic three-person team, won critical raves including GameSpot’s Best Original Downloadable Console Game award for 2009 and Editor’s Choice Awards from IGN and GameSpot.

Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm will collide with the PlayStation Network on November 16 for $4.99.
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