Microsoft thinks it'll sell 5 million Kinect units now instead of 3 million this quarter

by: John -
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So you think that $150's a ton of money to spend on a camera? Well, Microsoft thinks it's got a winner here. They initially predicted on selling 3 million Kinect cameras in this quarter but because of better than expected pre-order sales and other factors, they're raising it to 5 million.

5 million's a lot of cameras to be had this quarter. I don't have any official Move numbers but the article quotes Michael Pachter as predicting 3 million for the controller and that's with a month and a half head start.

Color me as one of those that didn't think it would be all that popular but then again, the product isn't aimed at me. We'll see in a few weeks once numbers start to roll out as to whether Microsoft will be right on their prediction.

Who out there is picking up one and do you think $150's a fair price?
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