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Irony, thy name is Immersion

by: Chuck -
I've been reading and re-reading this article over at Next Gen for the last few days wondering how to best post this news.  Immersion, the folks who put the rumble in your controller and the patent in patent lawsuit are now worried that if Sony doesn't license their technology for the PS3 that they will have trouble hitting their earnings numbers for the rest of the year.  Basically they want Sony to put the rumble back into the PS3 controller so they can collect licensing fees from them after they sued the pants off them last year for violating the patent on the PS2.  Is it me or is it a bit insane to count on licensing revenues from a company that you just won a big, bitter lawsuit over.  I know the official Sony line is that they couldn't fit the rumble technology into the new PS3 controller but you have to wonder if there are secondary reasons for not putting it in there.