Microsoft talks about the Live price increase

by: John -
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Now that you're paying a little more for Xbox Live, you're probably wondering if it's a justifiable increase. Gamasutra interviewed Craig Davidson of Xbox Live marketing and while the interview talked about Kinect, the last question is what a lot of people seem to be focusing on today.

The little price hike helps pay for all those exclusives and help Microsoft bring more and more innovation and exclusives to the platform. They're adding more and more infrastructure so all that comes with a cost. I'm sure that all those exclusive map packs and DLC are adding up as well so they're going to have to recoup the costs some how.

So will the influx of cash help or will it continue to be a train wreck that Valve eludes to?

Personally, I'd rather they go with a tiered approach and just let me have online playing as I don't use nearly any of the other services that are exclusive to the platform. Let me pay for only online gaming, which should be free anyways but that's a different subject. The only one I do like and really enjoy though is the ESPN integration. I have to say for me, that part's pretty sweet.