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Enslaved gets piggy and 3D in upcoming DLC

by: Chuck -
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Namco has dropped some info on the DLC for Enslaved and they've gone a bit beyond just adding some content as the game will now be playable in 3D.  Those lucky souls with a 3D set will be able to use their existing equipment while those who have yet to make the leap will be able to use the standard red and green glasses that were oh so fashionable back in the day (you will need to purchase them from TriOviz later this year though)

The actual content of the game will have you taking control of Pigsy, the designated creepy fat-guy of the game.  In the DLC you'll be taking control of the guy as he tries to build himself a robotic Real Doll for some companionship.  If you've played through the game you know Pigsy is more of a ranged guy than a close in fighter like Monkey so the combat should be a bit different than what you had in the original game.

There's no date on when the content will be available but it will set you back 800 MS points/$9.99 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively.

New DLC Includes Side Story Starring Pigsy Character

and Allows Options to Play Both the DLC and Original Game in 3D

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (Oct. 28, 2010) – Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced details for the premium downloadable content (DLC) for ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™. The DLC will include “Pigsy’s Perfect 10,” a new side story where players take on the role of Pigsy, the unforgettable character who was a non-playable ally from the main game. In addition, players will have options to experience both the new side story and the original game in 3D.

Pigsy, the comical porcine character known for his one-line zingers and questionable hygiene, finally gets his time in the spotlight. The Titan Graveyard is a lonely place and Pigsy really needs some companionship beyond the mechs that roam the area. He dreams of the perfect woman and embarks on a mission to build one from scratch using scrap parts he finds around the junkyard. In contrast to the main game which features strong, capable Monkey as the playable character, Pigsy is much more of a lover than a fighter. Pigsy’s gameplay will have a completely different gameplay dynamic, with a focus on stealth and sharp-shooting. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeves including a far-reaching hookshot, trusty sniper rifle, various grenades and devices, Trouble Vision eye piece and the aid of his trusty mechanical sidekick Truffles.

In addition, when a player downloads the new DLC, the core game will receive a TriOviz® for Games Technology update, enabling all aspects of ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West to be experienced in eye-popping 3D. The lush environments and action packed fighting sequences will literally jump off the screen, providing players with an exciting, immersive experience. Fans that have a 3D-enabled television can play the DLC in 3D utilizing Stereo 3D Active Shutter Glasses.

For gamers that do not have a 3D-enabled television, Stereo 3D vision will be available on all 2D HDTV sets through the use of innovative TriOviz INFICOLOR® 3D glasses. These glasses will be available for purchase via http://www.trioviz.com in fall 2010.

TriOviz® for Games Technology adds incredible depth-of-field while maintaining the integrity of the original gameplay and visuals. Players can experience both the main game as well as the new Pigsy story in 3D. The retailer bonus alternate costumes for Monkey or Trip will also appear in 3D for those that have them already.

Developed by Ninja Theory Ltd., the post-apocalyptic action-adventure features influences and contributions from top music and film industry talent. ENSLAVED combines beautifully rendered graphics and captivating music with seamless animation and engrossing gameplay to deliver a premier entertainment experience.

ENSLAVED is available nationwide for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The game is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and carries an MSRP of $59.99. The “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” DLC add-on content will be released later this year for Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation Network for $9.99. Players must have the retail game in order to access the “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” DLC content. For more information about ENSLAVED, please visit www.enslaved-thegame.com or www.namcobandaigames.com.


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