In Soviet Russia, Rush'N Attacks you! (with new screenshots)

by: Ben Berry -
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Rush'N Attack and Hard Corps: Uprising will both be coming to XBL and PSN sometime this winter, and some screenshots came out this weekend. I love retro games like this getting fresh treatments. Should be fun to try em.


New Screens for Both Titles are Now Available as KONAMI Sheds New Light on Two Retro Revival Franchises Prepared to Launch This Winter
KONAMI today released new screenshots for Hard Corps: Uprising and Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot, which are both set to release this winter for Xbox LIVE® Arcade and the PlayStation® Network. The new screens for Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot show the game's main character Sid Morrow engaging in close combat with prison guards, getting caught in a classic Rush'N Attack "Rush", and taking on a boss infused with weaponized Ulyssium in a tank. In Hard Corps: Uprising, the new screens show Bahamut and his partner Krystal in a variety of environments ranging from jungles filled with deadly plants - and even deadlier snipers, rain forests teeming with robotic alligators and piranhas, and ancient ruins with treacherous traps and menacing bosses. Fans of KONAMI's classic run-and-gun genre games may also notice some nods to the past.

Hard Corps: Uprising and Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot will be available this winter on Xbox LIVE Arcade and on the PlayStation Network. For all the latest news, be sure to follow Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot on Facebook at, as well as Hard Corps: Uprising on Facebook at