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NBA Live 2010 patch detailed

by: Jeremy -
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Wth the delay / cancellation (however you want to look at it) of NBA Elite 11, EA has opted to instead update last year’s NBA Live 10 in order to conicinde with this year’s NBA season. The patch for the game will be released tomorrow, October 20, for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

NBA Live 10 players will notice the following changes included in the patch:
  • all rosters updated to reflect 2010-2011 NBA rosters
  • 2010-2011 rookie class now included in the game
  • DNA updates for players brought current, and they will continue throughout the season
  • all in-game player ratings have been adjusted to current perceived values
Unfortunately, nearly all of the details of the patch apply simply to the data aspect of the game; there will not be any uniform or court changes featured with this patch. It looks as if you will be playing Live 10 for at least another year; I would be thoroughly surprised is Elite 11 ever gets released. It would make a lot more sense at this point just to wait until next October and release Elite 12. The damage to the brand and the game’s image is already done... they would only be doing a further injustice to the license by releasing the game mid year. That would also throw off the release schedule for the series as w hole...

Source: VG247