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Bungie teases Reach level-cap increase

by: Jeremy -
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If you have already hit Bungie’s imposed level-cap of “Lt Colonel Grade Three” in Halo: Reach, don’t worry, you could be leveling up again soon...

Bungie recently released the latest round of (insane) statistics for the Xbox 360 shooter, noting that players have already accumulated game time which is equivalent to 16,455 man-years and well over 500 BILLION (with a B) credits have been earned. Bungie is looking forward to the next major milestone: hitting a total of 117,000 hours. According to Bungie, “When you do cross the 117 Million mark, we’ll celebrate by blowing the lid off the level cap! In the immediate aftermath, new ranks and armor will be made magically available for you inside The Armory, provided you have the rank and credits required.”

Bungie expects this to happen sometime within the next month.