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Can we just announce the PSP2 already?

by: Jeremy -
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Come on Sony, can’t we just come out an reveal the successor to the PlayStation Portable?

Well, since they won’t make it official (yet), they can add fuel to the fire that supports the rumors of the new handheld’s existence. This may be the biggest proof yet: Sony has announced that they will no longer offer / sell the current PSP development kit past November 15, 2010.

The official word from Sony is that the device is no longer being offered due to an expiration of the kit’s certification. Sony will offer “loaner” kits to registered developers who need access to the development or test kit(s). The rumors have been floating around the industry for moths that numerous developers were already provided with development kits for the successor to the PlayStation Portable. This is just the icing on the (rumor) cake...

Source: VG247