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Fallout: New Vegas factions explained in dev diary

by: Tina -
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We already know that there will be a number of factions available to fraternize with in Fallout: New Vegas. If you were curious about the details of these factions, we’re happy to share with you a developer diary from Obsidian explaining what factions exist in New Vegas and what their position is.

The three main factions - the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion and Mr. House - are the controlling ones in New Vegas and contain very different ideals. While the New California Republic is crumbling from an unmanageable size, for instance, Caesar’s Legion is run by a band of slaves. No matter their political standing, each faction is looking to overtake the Hoover Dam, being one of the few places that can still sustain power.

Take a look at the developer diary below to learn more about the factions of New Vegas. 

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