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League of Legends introduces Swain

by: Ben Berry -
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Riot Games, maker of League of Legends has announced yet another of the champions in Swain, a character that seemingly makes no sense. He's super tough, and yet says nothing when suddenly demoted just as he was rising through the ranks. Seriously, if you did that to say any character played by Bruce Willis, he'd kick your ass. But I guess Swain just isn't that cool.
Riot Games, the developer and publisher of the highly acclaimed PC game League of Legends, has just released details about its newest champion, Swain.

The earliest account of Swain’s existence comes from a Noxian infirmary doctor’s notes. According to the notes, Swain’s right leg was snapped in half, with bone protruding from the skin. A small, scowling bird seemed affixed to his shoulder. The doctor gawked in horror as the young adolescent answered questions about his health and age with a calm, even stare. He refused the doctor’s recommendation of magical treatment for the leg’s inoperable damage, requesting only a spare crutch before shuffling away. He next surfaced in documents from the Noxian military, which indicate his first designation was that of a ranking officer. He leapt through the High Command’s hierarchy, often ascending when superiors requested demotions to join his unit. His rise to power seemed unceasing until he was suddenly relegated to inactive status prior to the Ionian Invasion - a bewildering decision which reeked of bureaucratic subversion. If Swain was upset by the events which unfolded, he never belied it. When Demacia escalated its presence in the League, Swain was immediately returned to active duty.