Be careful with that Ice Beam, your Metroid Other M save may depend on it

by: Sean Colleli -
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The first game-breaking glitch in Metroid Other M has been discovered. Supposedly, if you backtrack a bit right after unlocking the Ice Beam and kill a few straggling sidehoppers, it will royally mess up your save file, making it impossible to progress and essentially forcing you to start over. I personally didn't experience this glitch but I tend to save my backtracking for the end-game item hunt.

The bad news is there is no easy patch fix for this problem--Nintendo's rather archaic online system for the Wii just doesn't allow that kind of game maintenance. The good news: Nintendo is still offering a solution. If you save your corrupted (heh, Metroid Humor) file to an SD card and mail it to them, they'll fix it free of charge and cover the cost of shipping. Not the most elegant of fixes, but it shows Nintendo is dedicated to upholding their typically sterling customer service, rather than just letting their fans twist in the wind on this one.