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DC Universe Online is iconic

by: Sean Colleli -
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According to these new screenshots, DC Universe Online will let you visit some of the iconic locations from the comics. The Steelworks, Ace O' Clubs Bar and Amusement Mile can all be visited by players of the upcoming MMO, and I wouldn't be surprised if these locations' respective owners will offer battles or quests to aspiring citizens new of the DC universe. As a bonus, there are some PVP screens and more "Play as Iconic" images as well.

This week's DC Universe Online screenshot batch features key landmarks from Metropolis and Gotham City, more "Play As Iconic" action, and killer PvP combat!


* Ace O' Clubs Bar - The Ace of Clubs is a pub located in the New Troy district of Metropolis. The pub is owned and operated by Superman's number one fan, Bibbo Bibbowski.

* Steelworks - The Steelworks is the home and laboratory for one John Henry Irons, a.k.a. "Steel." (The good one, not the horrible Shaquille O'Neal one.)

* Amusement Mile - Located in Gotham City, Amusement Mile is the location for the Joker's Fun House.

Play As Iconic:
The Dark Knight, plus one, takes on Bane in the Burnley Freight Yards. Bane has the distinction of being the one man who broke Batman's back in the "Knightfall" storyline (May - October 1993).

PvP Combat:
These new screens show off some killer action at the JLA Watchtower.

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