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New The Witcher 2 trailer is inventive

by: Tina -
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A new The Witcher 2 trailer from CD Projekt RED has been revealed. The trailer tells the story of Geralt’s escape from an underground prison. Quite cleverly, they introduce the ability to complete missions in multiple ways by having the story narrated from different characters’ perspectives.

Take a look at the video that premiered on the German gaming site 4players yesterday. 
CD Projekt RED has announced that a new trailer from The Witcher 2 has been posted and is available! The trailer made its world premiere yesterday at the German gaming site 4players.de.

“Without a doubt, we see the story as the most important element of The Witcher 2” - said Adam Badowski, Project Lead at CD Projekt RED. “It’s the very quintessence of the game and that’s something we wanted the new video to highlight. In addition, the video showcases the different paths players can take in completing quests, an incredible game location, lively characters, great dialogue, and some of Geralt’s new skills, including a stealth ability. In brief, it highlights many of the features for which fans came to love The Witcher. This time we’ve tried to make all of them even better – take a look at the video and judge for yourselves!” - Badowski added.