Rumor: Nintendo coming out with a WiiMote with Motion Plus integrated

by: John -
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When I first saw the MotionPlus add-on, my first thought was why don't they just make one with it integrated in there. Well, this Gamestop pre-order for FlingSmash might be hinting into that.

SlashGear reports that the box art saying that it's a Wii Remote Plus could suggest that Nintendo's finally going to release one. The thing is, the description of the game says that you can use the controller with added accessory but that could just be inaccurate. Or, SlashGear's assumption that the integration is there is inaccurate.

Either way, I think it's a long time coming for Nintendo to come out with everything in one package. It's been how long since the MotionPlus accessory has been released? Just make a controller which has a it all already.
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