Gandohar calling - Sordahon's journey continues

by: Chad -
More On: Two Worlds II
Can you believe we've already had three videos of Sordahon's journey already?  This guy can't seem to catch a break.  In this latest video, he is negotiating for a bigger role in Two Worlds II.  He even brought his girlfriend along as well as a really scrawny kid.  I can't set this up any better than that.  Oh, they also had way too much fun writing the press release that came with the video. Click read more to find out what I mean.  Enjoy!

Listen – that Sordohan from Two Worlds II?  He’s got a rough life.  He’s got anger issues, a psychiatrist that’s just a bit too interested in his mom, an overbearing boss, and nobody can seem to pronounce his goddamn name right.  Somewhere in a parallel universe, Sordohan is frolicking through a field of daisies and toiling peasants, his tongue flapping the wind, killing indiscriminately to his heart’s content.   But not in this universe, friends.  In this universe, we at SouthPeak have got him – by the balls.  But, unfortunately, as part of our contractual obligations to Sordohan, we were required to publicly release the secret hidden videotapes of our negotiations with him in pre-production for Two Worlds II so that the world can witness our unjust and inhumane treatment, ridiculous demands, and the blatant theft of his girlfriend.  Well, Sordohan?  ARE YOU HAPPY?  I hope you feel compensated for “pain and suffering” now, whiny baddie sidekick bitch.
Anyhow, in this next episode of Sordohan’s Journey, you can be the fly on the wall for all of this…and more.  A bit too much more.