Halo: Reach records $200 million in one day sales

by: John -
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Want to know how much money Halo: Reach made on its first day? Try $200 million. That's what Microsoft announced at their press conference at the Tokyo Game Show. It's already broken the one day online participant record set by Halo 3.

While the number of units weren't officially announced, you take 200 million and divide it by 60 and you get about 3.3 million sold. It's far from the single day record set by Modern Warfare 2 at around 4.7 units (in two territories reported) and grossing over $310 million but that game was available on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 as well as the PC.

Still, $200 million for one day's a nice pay day for the folks at Bungie and Microsoft. I've yet to pick up the game and don't know if I am going to but so far, it seems it's getting pretty good reviews all around. We'll have our review of Halo: Reach soon.