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Greenberg predicts 3 million Kinect sold this holiday season

by: John -
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How many Kinect units do you think will sell globally this holiday season? Microsoft Xbox product director, Aaron Greenburg thinks 3 million's a good number. If so, that's going to be a lot of cameras in living room homes.

Speaking at TGS, Greenberg's prediction of 3 million seems like a reasonable number to me considering there are over 40 million Xbox 360s in the wild. That's roughly 7.5% of the Xbox 360 population picking up the peripheral if Greenberg's prediction comes true.

At TGS, a few more Kinect games were announced including a new Steel Battalion  game sub-titled Heavy Armour. It's kind of funny they're going from a complicated and extensive control system to none at all. I would've loved to have them come out or support the older controller for those that still have it though.

In any case, Greenberg's thrown down the gauntlet. Do you think he'll move that many units?
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