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Demon's Souls named GOTY 2009; gets a price reduction

by: Tina -
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Being named Game of the Year by Gamespot for the PlayStation 3 in 2009, Demon’s Souls is getting re-released with a new “Greatest Hits” cover and under the $29.99 price tag. This comes as no surprise, given the game’s innovative multiplayer gameplay and merciless difficulty, as well as its aesthetic appeal.

If you were looking to pick up a copy with the original cover design, you’ll want to do so soon, as Atlus will be ensuring the new copies hit shelves shortly.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 -- Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that the critically-acclaimed multiplayer action RPG Demon's Souls™, 2009's Game of the Year* for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, is now an official Greatest Hits title and available for the low price of $29.99. Praised for its fearless redefinition of a multiplayer experience, heralded for its visceral combat and haunting world design, and beloved by fans for its ruthless difficulty and endless rewards, one of the finest games of its generation now proudly takes its place among the PlayStation 3 system's greatest offerings.

"Very few games reach the esteemed PlayStation 3 system Greatest Hits status," commented Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus. "Those that do are among the very finest the platform has to offer, combining critical success, tremendous popularity, and exceptional quality. Demon's Souls represents some of the biggest risks, loftiest goals, and most daring innovations ever embarked upon by a developer. Its arrival into the exclusive ranks of PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits validates its designers' achievements and helps bring their unique vision to a larger audience. Priced to own at only $29.99, there has never been a better time to find out what everyone's been talking about."

Copies of Demon's Souls with the new Greatest Hits packaging will be arriving in stores shortly; collectors interested in Demon's Souls and its original packaging would be best served by picking up a copy as soon as possible before supplies run out.

Demon's Souls is out now for PlayStation 3 system. For more information, visit the game's official website.