To own a dedicated Black Ops server, you can only go to one place

by: John -
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It's great that you'll be able to play on dedicated servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PC. I'm really tired of the listen servers on the 360 and sometimes constant looking for new hoster when in the middle of games. But, if you want to own a dedicated server for the next Call of Duty, you can only rent them from one place.

IGN is reporting that is the exclusive provider for ranked and unranked dedicated servers for the public to rent. $15 a month will get you an 18 player limit ranked server while unranked servers will cost $1 per player per month with a maximum of 24. If you want to use Teamspeak, that's an additional cost.

It's a little disappointing that your choice of running a dedicated server is limited but at least there will be that option. I've never owned or operated a dedicated server for a game so I can't really comment on how much this will affect people that do but I'm sure there are some folks out there that own or operate a server facility that could have done this for free or a much lower cost. Now, if they want to own a server, they have to fork over some cash to someone else.