Best Buy heating up the Halo: Reach pre-order wars

by: Dan -
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It seems like every time there is a major game release, retailers fall all over themselves trying to entice us to buy it from them, which isn’t a bad thing. With Halo: Reach arguably the largest release this Fall, you can expect more of the same. It looks like Best Buy has taken a pre-emptive strike and offering an attractive package to come and join them at one of the 400+ stores holding a Halo: Reach midnight launch event.

The main enticement will be a $20 gift card for anyone that makes an “in-store, online or pre-order purchase of Halo: Reach through September 18.” In addition, participating stores will be hosting Halo giveaways and trivia contest which include prizes such as a Collector’s Edition Marvel Comics “Halo: Fall of Reach” with exclusive cover art from world-renowned graphic artist, Phil Noto. To find out more on the Best Buy Halo: Reach giveaways and midnight store openings visit