Things Valve failed at and they think Microsoft's XBL is a train wreck

by: John -
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Valve's one of my favorite companies as they put out high quality games and continue to support them long after their release. Now, every successful company fails more often than not and learn from their mistakes. PC Gamer interviewed the folks at Valve and they talk about their past failures.

One of the more interesting things happened at E3 when Gabe Newell walked out at Sony's press conference to announce Steamworks and Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3. A major part of going the Sony route is the rules setup by Microsoft for submission of software to Xbox Live. Gabe goes on to call it a train wreck especially with how they go about delivering on their software.

You see all the updates on the PC side of things yet the 360 version of Team Fortress 2 doesn't have nearly the updates that it should. Microsoft likes to keep a tight control over Xbox Live and the process you have to go through to push out updates or new software. I can see how a company like Valve and how they work find the process to be limiting. The only way it's ever going to change is if Valve or some company succeeds hugely with their process though to really force anything to change with the way Microsoft does business.