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Hudson launches Hudson Gate PlayStation Home portal

by: Tina -
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Hudson Entertainment announces the birth of Hudson Gate alongside the birthday of PlayStation today. Hudson Gate will function as a community hub/lounge for everything related to Hudson games. This includes virtual products and information, with the light today being shed on Dolphy the virtual pet. Dolphy can be enrolled in a racing mini-game versing seven other fashionably-attired dolphins.

The highlight of the developer/publisher’s PlayStation Home portal is, of course, their Bomberman franchise. Launching in unison with the release of Bomberman Live: Battlefest this year on PSN will be the Bomber Dome featured in the Hudson Gate. They are likely to continue to add features and games to the portal, so if Hudson Entertainment strikes an interest with you this may be something to keep an eye on.
SAN MATEO, CA – Sept. 9, 2010 – PlayStation® 3 owners can now immerse themselves in a world of Hudson Entertainment as the company launches “Hudson Gate” for PlayStation Home. The portal lounge area will serve as a home-base for all things Hudson including games, virtual item shopping and product information. Within the lounge, there is also a racing match frequently conducted with “Dolphy” the virtual pet.

“Hudson Gate is a central location for PlayStation owners and Hudson fans to explore and experience the Hudson digital world,” said Mike Pepe, director of marketing for Hudson Entertainment. “Players can shop for and play games, buy Hudson branded clothes for their avatars including customizable Bomberman costumes, all to enhance their PlayStation gaming experience.”

As a central digital world within PlayStation Home, “Hudson Gate” will include the Dolphy racing mini-game, in which eight Dolphies compete. Players can watch, vote and participate in the races to obtain virtual rewards. Players can also purchase a “Dolphy Room” which enables them to breed their own Dolphy pets for them to race. Also, the “Bomber Dome,” which is situated within the big bomb-like dome, will open to coincide with the release of Bomberman Live: Battlefest on Playstation Network within this year.

For more information on Hudson Gate, please visit http://www.hudson.co.jp/home/usa/.

For information on titles from Hudson Entertainment, please visit www.hudsonent.com.