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Android phones now able to hack PlayStation 3, HTC EVO used in this example

by: John -
Let me start by saying that we at Gaming Nexus DO NOT condone piracy so please do not copy games. So, the code to enable backups to play on the PlayStation 3 was released a little bit ago and the hacking community has been hard at work. There was a USB key that was purchasable but if I am not mistaken, law enforcements stepped in to prevent that. If I am wrong let me know.

In any case, the Android community has come up with a way to use your regular ole smartphone to do it. In this example, they are using the HTC EVO 4G, a phone which  I currently have by the way. It involves a rooted phone and flashing a file onto it. Once done, plug it into the PlayStation 3 via a USB cable and off you go.

Now, this won't work with the recent update that Sony released though so if you are on 3.42, you're out of luck. As for me, I'd just like one company to offer a way to backup the games I do own as anyone with little kids knows, discs have a way of getting damaged even if you put them away.