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EVE Online introduces new trailer alongside sweepstakes

by: Tina -
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EVE Online teases its gamers with the incentive that the universe belongs to them. How is this possible? Well, as revealed in the Butterfly Effect video last summer, the choices you make have an expansive impact on the game world reaching out to thousands of other players. The sandbox realm is unscripted, and your choices are therefore significant ones.

This past weekend at PAX Prime, yet another video of similar nature was revealed. The video, Causality, explains a similar scenario in which the decisions you make in-game effect the game world. The video chooses to focus on the concept of revenge this time, as a character is reborn to take revenge on one of the known alliances in EVE by infiltrating the organization.

In addition to the new video, CCP Games is hosting an EVE Universal Glory Sweepstakes in which you can enter to win a score of prizes including a custom EVE Online Gaming PC system. Check the site for the full sweepstakes information.