Not going to PAX? Prove it and win a copy of Mafia II for the PC

by: Chuck -
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When I woke up this morning I had an odd feeling, a feeling that I wasn't where I was supposed to be that I just couldn't place.  A feeling that I should be in the Pacific Northwest with all my other gaming friends and yet to be friends (OK, that parts a lie, everyone knows I'm fairly anti-social, something that's magnified at conventions).

Do you have that same feeling?  Well I'm here to help.  The folks at 2K Games have provided us with two keys for the PC version of Mafia II (which is a pretty solid game).  To win a copy of the game you need to send in a photo of you that proves you are not in Seattle at PAX and that you're old enough to play the game (I don't need Jack Thompson up my ass for giving a M rated game to minors). 

The contest runs through today at 5:00 and I'll pick the best winners tomorrow morning.  Please no nudity or anything that's illegal.