What does Shogun 2 look like in action?

by: Chad -
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Fans of the original Shogun: Total War game have a lot to be excited about in Shogun 2: Total War.  Impressive graphics with highly detailed units is just the beginning.  Today, Sega released a 6-minute video that walks us through a night-time battle with two clans facing off in a storm.  The Lead Battle Programmer and Studio Communications Manager walk us through the onscreen action and explain some of the feauters.  I admit, it's quite impressive!

In this Shogun 2: Total War Battle Report, The Creative Assembly's Land Battle Programmer (Ingimar Gudmunsson) and Studio Communications Manager (Kieran Brigden) talk viewers through an epic night time battle, as the Chosokabe clan take on the Takeda clan.

As a storm rages and lightning flashes from the sky, we get a look at some of the varied units available as well as some of their unique abilities.

The video will demonstrate some of the new graphics technology integrated into Shogun 2: Total War, including new deferred lighting, accurate fire and building damage simulation and rainfall effects. The background also hints at the sheer scale of the castles that players will later encounter in siege battles.

With fire archers raining down arrows on the katana cavalry and an epic hand-to-hand engagement on the battlefield showing off some of the new motion-captured combat, who will prosper in this winner-takes-all battle?