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Xbox Live Marketplace fall schedule

by: Jeremy -
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In addition to the Feast of Games promotion, Microsoft has also announced a majority of the fall lineup for Xbox Live Marketplace releases. There are a couple of highly anticipated games coming soon, like Plants vs. Zombies, as well as quite a few great discounts. Here is what you have to look forward to:

September 2
Crackdown 2- Toy Box Mode - free to Crackdown 2 owners, 560 points for additional content available separately

September 7
Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker - 800 MSP
Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt - 560 MSP
Rock Band Snoop Dog 8 Single Tracks - 160 MSP each

September 8
Plants vs. Zombies - 1200 MSP
Dance! It’s Your Stage - 800 MSP

September 13 (week of)
Bust-a-Move Live / Puzzle Bobble Live - discounted to 400 MSP
Gyromancer - discounted to 800 MSP
Tower Bloxx Deluxe - discounted to 400 MSP
Puzzle Chronicles - discounted to 400 MSP

September 15
Sonic Adventure - 800 MSP

September 29
Hydrophobia - 1200MSP

October 6
Comic Jumper - 1200 MSP

October 13
Pinball FX2 - free import from Pinball FX1, tables available for purchase separately

October 20
Super Meat Boy - pricing not announced

I guess that we can officially announce the traditional “summer drought” as over...

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