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Microsoft coming out with a redesigned controller November 9th

by: John -
More On: Xbox 360
The D-Pad's been one of the sore points of the Xbox 360 controller. If you play a lot of fighting games, you know how sucky it can be as well as using it for other stuff. Well, Microsoft's heard you and it took them a while but they are coming out with a redesigned controller. The new controller lets you change the D-Pad from a disc to a four directional D-Pad shape with a simple twist. It's a nice little elegant feature that looks pretty cool. Also, the four main buttons are no longer colored. The controller will only come bundled with the Play and Charge kit for $65, which is a little tad expensive especially for those that don't need the P&C. No word on if they will replace the included controllers in the console SKUs with the new Xbox 360 controller yet.

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