Sounds like Bungie is finally getting it right

by: Jeremy -
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In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft and Bungie are preparing a little-known game called Halo: Reach in just a few short weeks. As we get closer and closer to the fateful release day, more and more information regarding the new features and modes of the game get revealed and explained through various media outlets. This past week, Bungie has revealed one feature that I have found to be sorely missing from each of the previous games: campaign co-op matchmaking. Its about time!

Over on the crew at Bungie have confirmed that you will be able to hop online and get thrown into campaign games with random players across the world. One of the best experiences that there is to be had with any of the Halo games is that of the cooperative campaign; the only problem is that sometimes it can be a pain to get enough friends together in order to get a cooperative game organized. You won’t have to worry about that any more... Bungie will organize the game for you.

This feature should extend the life of the campaign mode quite a bit; I was always willing to go back and play through any of the Halo campaigns with friends, but unfortunately couldn’t find many willing participants on my personal friends list. That won’t be an issue any more though with the latest installment of the game. Why, oh why, did my 360 have to die just before Halo: Reach gets released?