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Epic Mickey intro from Gamescom

by: Jeremy -
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If you haven’t heard of Epic Mickey by now, you should look into it. Warren Spector’s latest creation could, potentially, be the sleeper hit of the year and it will be available exclusively for Nitnendo’s Wii.

The title, due this Holiday season, tells the tale of a magical world where forgotten Disney IP’s live, created by a magical wizard. When Mickey Mouse himself finds his way to this world, he sets the balance of power within the world on its side and has to use the magical brush in order to make things right. The game looks like a throwback to the classic Mickey Mouse adventure games that were popular (and rightfully so) back in the 16-bit era like Castle of Illusion. Many gamers, myself included, are still hoping that Epic Mickey sees an HD version released as well, but in the meantime we can only count on the original, Wii version. At Gamescom this week, Disney Interactive released a video showing the first part of the opening cinema of the game, which you can view below: