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360 avatars are getting a makeover... sort of

by: Jeremy -
More On: Xbox 360
According to an interview Rare’s Nick Burton had recently with OXM, the Xbox 360‘s familiar avatars need to have a little work done. It was recently discovered that your digital representation which you have come to know and love doesn’t exactly “play well” with the Kinect interface. Because the avatars don’t accurately reflect the proportion of the actual user, their hand / eue coordination doesn’t exactly match up as well as it needs to for some games, causing it to downright breakdown in some instances.

Burton told OXM that the avatars in general were being redesigned in order to effectively interface with Microsoft’s new peripheral. He dubbed the new versions “Avatar 2.0“. You can expect your avatar to undergo the change, which may or may not be visible on the surface, with the next Kinect-related dashboard update.

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