Ben Bishop dishes on NHL2K11, puts spin on 2010 sales

by: Ben Berry -
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Ben Bishop works on all of 2K Sports premier major league titles, and is responsible for the NHL franchise. Right now, 2K has an RV touring the country showing off early builds of NHL 2K11, and recently spoke with ESPN about their focus on the Wii for 2011. While I've met Mr. Bishop just once, and spoken to him a couple of times in interviews,

I usually resepect what he has to say. But there's some pretty heavy spin when he talks about the Wii version of last years title being the best seller.Of course it was, it was the only platform on which they had no hockey competition. And with EA coming to the Wii this year with a new title, 2K needs a strong offense to keep the one platform where they've shown leadership. The Wii is an ideal platform for a good NHL game; a proper motion control scheme would be the ultimate selling point, even with the sub-standard graphics in comparison to the other two platforms.

Mr. Bishop gets into some specifics about features, but even on the Wii he's playing catch up to what EA offers. He admits to not having an answer to the success that NHL2010 had and even hints that the year off on the PS3 and 360 are to look at making significant changes to the franchise.

Hopefully the motion controls will be so good, and it will springboard sales enough to let 2K get back in the game so to speak on the other 2 platforms.