Doom 4 is coming... sooner than you think

by: Jeremy -
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In an interview with OPM UK, id Software’s John Carmack has stated that the wait for Doom 4 isn’t going to be as long as many would think.

The announcement and first solid information on the game is expected as soon as this week with the QuakeCon kicks off down in Texas. The title itself was originally announced back in 2008. During the interview with the magazine, Carmack assured them that the project was “well underway” and actually the development of the title was rolling full steam as they spoke. The development expectations for the game have drawn some concern from gamers considering the incredibly long development cycle of id’s RAGE, which was announced back in 2007. Hopefully once Doom 4 is announced, we won’t have to wait 4 years for it like RAGE... and if Carmack is telling the truth, we won’t.

Source: ThatVideoGameBlog