Yeah... uh... no sign language for Kinect

by: Jeremy -
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Boo! Just when I was starting to(slowly) change my tune on the Kinect concept, the truth comes forth. Kinect won’t actually be able to read ASL when it hits the market in November of this year. While the concept of the support was included in the trademark and patent application(s), it will not be included in the final product at this time. The official statement from Microsoft, via G4, is as follows:

"We are excited about the potential of Kinect and its potential to impact gaming and entertainment. Microsoft files lots of patent applications to protect our intellectual property, not all of which are brought to market right away. Kinect that is shipping this holiday will not support sign language."

While, theoretically, the device is capable of performing such functions it is being said (unofficially) that such features would not be included in order to help Microsoft ensure that the product makes it’s $150 price point. Who knows, perhaps we will see this added as a feature in a later revision or perhaps sequel for the next generation of the concept. I guess I can go back to not being excited now...
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