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Irrational Games are irrationally teasing us (New game announcement coming)

by: Ben Berry -
More On: BioShock BioShock 2
There are very few games that I've actually loved enough to actually finish. On that short and distinguished list is Bioshock. Beginning to end I loved the game, and was caught by surprise by the twist ending. While I haven't yet played Bioshock 2 it's on my short list of next games to play. And now, Irrational Games is teasing us on the site whatisicarus.com with an announcement of a game coming up at 1:45 PM on Thursday. Of course the common thought is that the game will be Bioshock 3. It would make sense in a way, but I think if it is, it's something that follows the original Bioshock, not something in the timeline between Bioshock 2 and the original.