Capcom crams one more fighter into SF4 iPhone

by: Jeremy -
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The iPhone version of Street Fighter IV is slowly working its way to the same playable roster as its console counterparts. Capcom has announced yet another character being added to the game with a new title update. This time around, the lovely Crimson Viper is joining the cast. Just like the previous additions, C. Viper will not cost owners of the game anything more than their initial purchase price; she is being added to the title via a free update to the game.

C. Viper was easily one of my favorites of the new characters added to Street fighter IV; her speed and combo abilities made her an instant choice for me when I first played the game and she ended up being one of the characters that I stuck with. Capcom has not scheduled a specific release date for the update that will add her to the game, just that it is coming. While we wait, why not check out some shots of the femme fatale taking out her frustration(s) on Cammy: