Want to be a Wookiee? Tough, but what not try a Zabrak or Miraluka? (4 new races in The Old Republic)

by: Ben Berry -
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So um, for the past year I have basically just been biding my time until The Old Republic comes out. Sure, I'll be stoked when NHL 2011 comes out, but it's really all about counting down the days until the game is ready. Today we got some news that 4 more character races will be playable in game.

Zabrak - Of course everyone knows what a Zabrak is, and I expect there will be thousands of these running around TOR servers within hours of the games launch.

Sith Purebloods - With the heavy numbers of expected Sith in the game, Sith purebloods will be popular. Red skin and sith powers. Need I say more?

Then there are Miraluka and Mirialans, which are bound to confuse some people at first. Miraluka are humanoids who are blind but as a race of innate Force users they use their powers to make up for their lack of sight. Mirialans are green skinned with facial tattoos, so maybe the literal opposite of Zabraks?

No word yet if the game will include other playable races, but with months left before release, I'm guessing the developers have some secrets up their sleeves yet.