All about Kinect at Gizmodo

by: John -
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If you're still wondering what goes into Kinect and how it all works, be sure to check out Gizmodo's piece on the new peripheral. In there, there's plenty of great information from how the microphones work to seeing the innards of the camera itself. Did you know that it houses an internal fan for when things get really hot?

It's not all roses as the product did run into some difficulties when the Microsoft folks tried to demonstrate the voice recognition in operating the video player. Is it me or does it seem like there's always a little problem here or there in most public or press demonstrations of the thing?

We're still a few months away from launch so they have time to tighten the software up until the end. Until then, the Gizmodo piece is definitely flowing with some new information that's very interesting if you want to know more about Kinect.
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